jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Level 8

My experience in this level was very good. I learned how to use and manage a blog and a Gmail account also we visited some pages on internet very interesting and helpful for make a paragraph. The teacher gave us a lot of tips and advice to make a paragraph and made the classes very spontaneity we talked about a lot of different topic and all of them were very exciting and updated.

So I can say that I learn how to make a paragraph, the structure of these and I learn a lot of new words. I like this level it was very fun….


A movie is a cinematic masterpiece that tells a story in a visual way. It`s based on a script and the characters are actors. It is a communication medium and it is considerate and called the seventh art.

Movies are classified according to their public. Motion Picture Association of America MPAA is a system which evaluates and classifies the content of a movie, they have five ratings and they are G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17. The Means of this letters are G General are the movies for people of all ages for example Hercules the film by Disney, the next rating is PG Parental Guidance Suggested this is when the movie may have violence, sex, drugs and offensive language and it`s not suitable for children an example can be Enchanted by Disney, then we find the PG-13 Parental Strongly Cautioned this means that the movie may have content inappropriate for children under 13 for example 27 Dresses the next rating is R Restricted are the movies that the people under 17 requires accompanying by a parent or adult guardian as a example we can mention Fahrenheit 9/11 also the last one is NC-17 No One 17 and Under Admitted because the film is for adults an example of this is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Whit these Ratings we can know how is going to be the movie and we can decide if our children are allowed to see it.

In addition the movies are classified by their genre, there are a lot of genres but I am going to talk about my favorites which are Comedy, Romantic and Horror. First a Comedy Film is a film whit humor and this kind of movie try make laughter the audience and also it`s one of the most important film genre. Second we have the Romantic Film and this is a film that shows you the different ways to love and also show you stories of love. Finally the Horror Films are the one that provoke in the audience feelings of fear, anger or horror. All the movies have a genre and there are a lot of new genres that are like a combination for example Action Comedy Film.

Finally there are a lot of place to see a movie, but the most common are at the cinema or at home, they both have advantages and disadvantages for me the advantage of cinema is the quality of audio and the advantage of see it at home is that you are comfortable.

In conclusion movies are a form of entertainment and when you want to see a movie it is too easy decide what do you want to see because they are organized by genre and according to your age you must know if you are allowed to see a movie or if you are going to need your parents to see it also you can decide where you want to see it if you want to go out or stay at home.

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010


I. Communication
II. Communication Elements
A) Sender
B) Message
C) Receiver
D) Code
E) Channel

III. Means of Communication
A) Internet
B) Telephone

Communication is a process when two or more persons exchange ideas on a specific topic. There are some things that you must need for the communication process; these things are sender, message, receiver, code and channel; they are called Communication Elements. Sender is the person who sent the message, message is the content of information also receiver is the person who receives the message in addition code is the set of rules of each system of signs and symbols that the sender used to transmit the message and channel is the medium through the message is sent.
To develop the communication process the means of communication are needed. Today are a lot of means of communication but I am going to talk about three that I think are the most important; those are Internet, Telephone and TV. Internet offers many different ways to communicate for example by the messenger, blogs, radio on-line and others. Moreover the telephone allows you talk or text to another person no matter where is he or she. Finally whit television you can receive a lot of message and information and you are the one who decides what to see and the information that you want to receive.
In conclusion you can use the means of communication to send information for everybody or just for one person. Communication is the foundation of the society by allowing individual to transmit their ideas and their opinions also represent an important part in the lives of the people because through this human relationship are created and reinforce the ties between people.


Advantages of Technology
There are many wonderful things technology has done for us. In first place technology is the future of the world and here I am going to show you some advantages of it. Thanks to this there are many advances in sciences and this is great. For example in health area it has made many contributions for a better health care. There are a lot of people that are alive or getting better in their health condition. In addition there are some advances that enable healthier food preservation that have been development in the last times.
The communication is getting easier every day because of all the advances of the technology as an example we can see the worldwide which allows us have communication whit everything around the world there is also the nationwide which as the worldwide allows the communications but along of your country. And finally it provides a lot of comforts in television for example the new development is the High definition technology this provides you a better image and in the computers area we can see the creation of smaller laptops every day.
In conclusion whit the advances in technology we can found better ways to perform the activities that we play and we need to be updated if we want to have succeed in the activities that we do.

viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Ruben Blades

I think ¨Segunda Mitad Del Noveno¨ was about the politic situation in Panama.
It talks about the people who are waiting for a change for their country, but they don´t know what to do to get better also there is no one who knows exactly what to do and they need someone who guides them.

In addition I think it also talks about presidential elections and the diferent candidates , but none of them represent the solution of what the people want.

In conclusion it`s a political song or a song for protest. And finally i can say that he is looking for a change in his country.

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Natural Disaster

Date of disaster:
December 26, 2004

Type of Disaster:
Undersea megathrust earthquake

Description of Disaster:
On december 26, 2004 an undersea megathrust earthquake occurred at 00:58:53 UTC , with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The quake itself is known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. This earthquake resulted in a tsunami wich is usually refered to as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Asian Tsunami, Indonesian Tsunami, and Boxing Day Tsunami.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey a total of 227,898 people died . Measured in lives lost, this is one of the ten worst earthquakes in recorded history, as well as the single worst tsunami in history.
The tsunami caused serious damage and deaths as far as the east coast of Africa, with the furthest recorded death due to the tsunami occurring at Rooi Els in South Africa, 8,000 km away from the epicentre. In total, eight people in South Africa died due to abnormally high sea levels and waves.

Relief agencies report that one-third of the dead appear to be children. This is a result of the high proportion of children in the populations of many of the affected regions and because children were the least able to resist being overcome by the surging waters. Oxfam went on to report that as many as four times more women than men were killed in some regions because they were waiting on the beach for the fishermen to return and looking after their children in the houses.

In addition to the large number of local residents, up to 9,000 foreign tourists enjoying the peak holiday travel season were among the dead or missing, especially people from the Nordic countries.

States of emergency were declared in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Maldives. The United Nations estimated at the outset that the relief operation would be the costliest in human history. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has stated that reconstruction would probably take between five and ten years.